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Wow!First off, it looks very, very good. The pose is very dynamic (or, at least, a lot more dynamic than what I can usually do XD) and ...



One day I'll learn to draw portraits

Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
Smol kizu on the... teeth. I just noticed 

Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
DEFINITIVE Canary Islands

Also, this was made mostly because I hated the last drawing she had XD.
If any compassionate soul wants to review her... I'll be super thankful

Country/City/State Information-
Name: Islas Canarias
Age: 520 years since it was conquered, 20 since it became an Autonomous Region
Capital City (if country):Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Biggest City: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (most populated city)
Boss (Mayor/President): Fernando Clavijo Batlle
Flag (Coat of Arms): flag
Biggest Ethnic Group: half Bloods (indigenes and Spaniards)
Language(s) spoken: Spanish, silbo Gomero
Population: 2,117,519
Religion: Catholic 
Government: Parliamentary monarchy
Climate: Subtropical (warm temperatures all around the year)
Economy: Mainly based on tourism (32% of the GDP). Not very strong, though.
Extra: Mount Teide, on Tenerife is the highest mountain in Spain and also a World Heritage. All of the islands have a volcanic origin.

Human Information-
Name: Ana María de la Candelaria Fernández Carriedo (Candelaria Virgin: patron Saint of the Canary Islands)
Nickname(s): BanAna, Candy (short for Candelaria).
Age: 15-16
Gender: Female
Birthday: 30th May (Canary Islands Day)
Current Residence: La Palma (where the Roque de los Muchachos observatory is)
Language(s) spoken: Spanish, English, silbo Gomero
Bad Habit(s): Procrastinating a lot, sleeping too much, not being able to manage money, being a big mouth, being too rough at times
Like(s): Bananas, mojo picón, astronomy, art, beaches, surf (the Canary Islands are a very popular place for surfing in the Atlantic Ocean) and music, Canarian wrestling 
Dislike(s): Rude people, tourists (this is only for comedy purposes, I thought it would be fun if she hated the thing that gives her money), some sports such as football (because she sucks at it), being reminded that she is lazy
Hobbies: Astronomypainting, having siestas, playing the timple or chácaras 
Fear(s): Being replaced by someone better than her (this is because in her life, she has been pushed aside many times)
Equipment/Weapons: A long stick (used for Juego del Palo, a stick fighting technique which comes from the Guanche culture).
Culture Favorites: Carnival (the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival was claimed to be the second world's most important carnival, after Río de Janeiro's)


There are two sides of her personality. One is the shy, quiet side she shows when she's around strangers; since her lack of historical importance makes her feel unconfident about herself. When she's acting like that, she gets very nervous whenever she speaks, even to the point when she spells her own name wrong (Canary ICElands, instead of islands. This is because, when a Spaniard who doesn't speak English too fluently reads the word 'island', they will most likely pronounce it as 'Iceland').

However, when she's with people she knows, she is completely different. She is happy and cheerful, always with a huge smile on her face. She can be kind of rough; thinking that 'everything can be solved with a couple 'hostias'' ('hostia': Spanish (bad) word for a strong hit). She is also very sloppy, always looking for the easy way to do things. Even though, she has a good heart and always tries to help and to be nice to people.

She procrastinates a lot and lives at her own pace; so she always has to end up doing things last minute.

As for temper, she can be easily annoyed, but not easily angered. When she's extremely angry she has no control over herself, she 'explodes'; and can end up hurting people she loves. However she is rarely, rarely, rarely like that. As stated before, she's usually smiling.

 (This is a metaphor for the volcanoes in the Canary Islands: they rarely erupt, but when they do, it's very devastating).

On the intellectual side; she is kind of intelligent. She doesn't excel at anything, but she's good at astronomy (due to the presence of many important telescopes in the Islands) and science in general- however, in the rest of areas, she is pretty much clueless.

She is forgetful, clumsy and sort of a big mouth (also, she only has two voice tones: extremely soft and quiet or extremely loud), and she ends up saying things she shouldn't say out loud.

She can be cowardly and tries to avoid conflict rather than facing it. She is also very jealous and can be childish at times; by not accepting people that she thinks can 'replace' her.

She is not very athletic even though she likes doing some sports, such as surf, trekking or traditional Canarian sports; thus, she is pretty bad at them.

She, however, tries to make up for her flaws with her cheerful attitude and crazy ideas, such as filling a beach with sand from the Sahara in order to make it look 'better'.

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 55 kg   
Hair: Brown, short, a bit curly and untidy. She has a curl on the right side of her head which represents the Chinijo Archipielago. Her hair tips are lighter because of the sun and salt. They end up 'bleaching' the hair, and if people don't really worry about it, it ends up looking like that.
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Accent: Spanish from the Canary Islands (similar to Latin American Spanish)
Anything on your body that represents your country?: A tattoo on her nape, to represent the Guanche culture 
Outfit(s): This one, wich is a mixture of traditional costumes of each island (but it's too hot to wear, so she only wears it for important events), a military uniform similar to Spain's (she inherited her clothes from him, actually).
Scar(s): None
Accessories: None


Canarii (father). Canarii was the original inhabitant of the Canary Islands, before Spain conquered them . Not many things are known about him, only a couple legends like Gara and Jonay's and his religion (polytheistic, he believed in different gods -they were different for each island-, but with similar concepts. The most known mythology is Tenerife's, where Achamán, the heaven's god, was the supreme god or good god, and Guayota was its counterpart, who lived inside Echeide -identified as the Teide volcano-). Canary never got to know her father, even though she tries to keep his memory alive. For silliness' purpose, I created a running gag in which he appears on a cloud and tells Canary how disappointed he is on her.
Spain (eldest brother): her relationship with Spain is quite tense. She doesn't really know how to feel about him; and he scares her a little bit. She stills sees him as that 'big, bad Spanish empire' rather than as the easy-going and cheerful nation that he is today. Still, she loves him and doesn't really want to lose contact with him. She has had some disagreements with him in the past, but she has learnt from them and now she respects him a lot more.

Balearic Islands (elder brother): her relationship with him is a lot stronger than the one with Spain. Although they have been apart hundreds of years, they love each other. Canary sees him as the strong rock in which she can lean on and Balearic sees her as his precious little sister, the one who he has to protect until the end of times. Despite being polar opposites, they have managed to build a strong brother-sister relationship that lasts till today. (How cheesy XD)

Finland: Most of the tourists that come to the Canary Islands are from Finland. Also, Finland's sweet personality has helped to form their 'friendship'.

Iceland: They both have some things in common (mostly geologically), the rest is going to be explained below.

She is also quite fond of the Nordics in general.

Cuba: they both have had similar ideals over the course of the years. Besides, when Cuba began fighting for independence, many officials of the liberating army were from the Canary Islands. There was also a massive migration from Canarian people to Cuba in the XVII century, they've had their influence in the country.
Rivals: Canary is not quite fond of countries that have been great empires, such as France (I love France... he's one of my favourite characters...), the Netherlands, or Britain (mostly Britain); nor they are of her. She also dislikes some rude countries, but most of them don't really care about her.

Enemies: Britain. He has repeatedly attacked her and her brother. (Even though I really like him)
Pet: A lizard named Tiburcio (the quirky name is real!! And, in fact, the quirkier names in Spain have a higer frecquency in the Canary Islands. I saw it in a government poll.)
Potential Love Interest: Iceland (in 2015, the Canary Islands became the first destinstion for Icelanders when travelling to Spain, surpassing Valencia
Foreign Relationships: Germany, Russia, England and the Nordics (tourists mainly come to her house from those countries). 
Caribbean Area: The relationships between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean Area were relevant because today, both of them are the result of enhanced historic experiences that they have always been very close and that can hardly be understood separately. In addition to this the Canarian people who came back and they brought their experiences, money and knowledge that are so important for the configuration Canarian Society. Therefore we prefer to write about a return process, that is to say, migrations rather than emigrations. The main focus of Canarian Migrants was around the Caribbean Sea, excepting a few expeditions to Río de La Plata or what nowadays is the South USA. Cuba, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico became receives points of this regular stream or the Crown encouraged sometimes, whose concerns were to because cover the lack people in these American areas. These contacts increased until the end of this period, and even, after it. The maritime and trade ways are routes exploited by local, national and international companies (British, French, or Italians), were important for the essential movement of people.


She lived with her father, Canarii, during all the years that the Canary Islands conquest lasted (1402-1496). Portugal and Spain wanted to find them so, in the end, they made up the Alcaçovas Treat (1479). SO, both Canarii and little Canary were taken to Spain's house, although Canarii escaped (it is said that he was tortured). From that day on, there have been no news of him.

Spain adopted Canary as his little sister. Many Majorcans visited the Islands during that time as well, helping to develop Canary's and her other brother Balearic Islands' relationship.

Unfortunately, she was moved away from him and Spain, who leaved her apart because he had some other issues to deal with; though he visited from time to time. Also, Canary belonged to the Crown of Castille, while Balearic belonged to the crown of Aragon, so they couldn't have seen each other too much anyway. Still, she lived happily most of her life.

Canary grew up apart from the rest of the world; until in the Late modern period many countries began to attack her. She couldn't defend herself because of her weakness, but eventually she got fed up and, drawing strength from weakness, she defeated England in the Battle of Santa Cruz (1797), when it's said that Rear Admiral Nelson lost his hand (and yes, she's constantly bringing that up because she has nothing else to brag about). After that, she became a bit more confident and decided to explore and discover the rest of the world. She went to see her brothers again, and also other people. Finally, in 1996, she became an official Autonomus Region.


-She collects aromatic soaps; her favourite being aloe vera.

-She is OBSESSED with aloe vera (seriously. In Lanzarote, each little town had an aloe vera museum).

-She is one of the poorest regions in Spain, and, every time she receives her wages, she spends them on the first week and has to ask Spain for more.

-She swears a lot in Spanish

-She has huge feet, because,. when i first created her I had a lot of issues drawing feet and so they would always look super big, so now, in my headcanon, she sports a beautiful size 43 (10.5 in USA)

-Her personality, mostly the laziness and roughness is based on actual Canarian stereotypes

 *Gara and Jonay are the main characters of a traditional Canarian legends, and one of the natural parks in La Gomera, Garajonay, is named after them.

This oc remplate belongs to alicecantbestopped; blank --------------> blank
The image template was made by me, but it was based on this one; by Charon-Sama.
Flag: here
Hetalia image: here
Canary Islands image: here
Hetalia and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himaruya

So yeah in case Canary wasn't enough of a M. Sue
I kinda wanted to practice tears and other stuff lol

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya


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